Frequently Asked Questions


How can I book your transfer service?
Ans. You can book in 3 easy steps!
Step 1 : Check the transfer rates & availability by select vehicle type and date. You will be redirected to the Shopping Cart Page.
Step 2 : On the Shopping Cart Page, you can continue shopping more transfer/tour services or check out.
Step 3 : Enter basic information include name, email and payment information, etc. in the Check-out Form.

Upon booking, In order to recheck your booking details and activate your booking request, you need to check your email and simple click the submit button. Once you activate your booking, you will received a confirmation voucher online.
How can I find your staff at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport when I arrive?
Ans. Although Suvarnabhumi Airport is the largest single building airport terminal in the world but the meeting areas in the arrival hall are too small and alway crowed with travel agents and local people. As we are a member for Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA). On arrival you will be met inside terminal at the exit from baggage reclaim.

For International Flights:
>> Whether you are taking Exit B or Exit C (please use nearest exit), after walk out of the gate you will see GROUP TOUR BOX on your Left-Hand side.

For Domestic Flights:
>> You will be taking Exit A. You will meet our staff right after exit from the baggage claim area. (Please do not walk to the International Zone)

Our representative will wait for you with YOUR NAME on the sign-board. Once we find you, we will direct you to the transfer point.

* In case you cannot find our airport representative, please recheck the arrival flight board in the arrival hall and note the EXIT you should take for the particular flight and proceed to the assigned EXIT to meet our representative. If you still unable to find us,
[1] Please call to our HOTLINE PHONE NUMBER # 081-883-1297 or
[2] Contact counter ATTA (Association of Thai Travel Agents).
Our representative will direct to you immediately.
* International Arrival processes (step-by-step) :
* Please print out : Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Layout & Meeting Point Map
How can I find your staff at Bangkok Don Muang Airport when I arrive?
Ans. For International Flights: After exit the baggage claim area, please TURN LEFT to the Meeting Point. (Near Information Center & Door No.6)

For Domestic Flights: You will meet our staff right after exit from the baggage claim area.
Once we find you, we will direct you to the transfer point.
Can you provide a convertible child seat for my kid? Any extra charge?
Ans. - Yes, we are able to provide and prepare a convertible baby car seat for 9 months - 4 years old child (weight : 9-18kg / 20-40lb) in our vehicles without extra charge.
- A complimentary for 1st convertible baby car seat and additional baby seat is require with supplement charge of THB 300.00 nett/seat
- If your kid younger than 9 month, please bring your own infant seat. (No infant seat available)
- If your kid older than 5 year old, no need convertible baby car seat. They can used our standard seat belt.
Transfer from Bangkok to Pattaya, the rate quoted by you is inclusive the Motorway tickets?
Ans. Using Motorway make the journey from Bangkok to Pattaya reduced to 30-40 minutes. Our transfer service already included all Express Way tickets in Bangkok city and the Motorway tickets from/to Pattaya.
Can you provide a Infant Seat for little baby (under 7 months)?
Ans. For hygienic reasons, no Infant Seat available. From our long experience transporting families with babies and children, infants at a certain age are difficult for their parents to control their nature needs to vomit and excrete. The infant seat is prone to be dirty and infected. It is only for personal use and not recommended to be shared. If you will be travelling with infants, we recommend that you bring your own infant seat onboard.
How can I or order the a convertible child seat?
Ans. - Please make the request in your reservation form.
- Please advise age and number of child seats you needed.
The Convertible child seat available in all destination?
Ans. - Convertible car seat AVAILABLE in Bangkok / Pattaya / Kanchanaburi / Hua Hin
- Convertible car seat NOT AVAILABLE in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phuket, Krabi and Samui
Seat belt?
Ans. All vehicle provide seat belt (safety belt)
We are 3 persons in total. Should we book a car or van?
Ans. Normally a car should be enough for 3 passenger + some laggages. We also have a family car which available for 2-3 adults+kids. If you have many large-sized luggages, please book a van for more comfortable trip.
As the round trip booking, can I pay half on my arrival, and then pay the other half on my departure from hotel to airport?
Ans. You need to make full payment for round trip transfer to guarantee your booking on 1st service date. After the payment you will received the receipt and all contact number from the driver. The receipt will guarantee that the return trip will be arrange on the departure date.
What if my luggage doesn't fit?
Ans. It is best to let we know if you will be traveling with a lot of luggage. Most vehicle have a regular size trunk, so if you think you will have excessive luggage, let the limo company know in advance
Can your driver speak English??
Ans. All ASIAN PLUS TRAVEL drivers are trained to understand and speak some basic English conversations such as directions, answer your basic queries, weather and some information about Thailand’s attractions. This is to ensure your smooth trip with us without any fuss. However we are seeking your kind understanding about the efficiency in English of the driver that it cannot be compared to our tour-guide. They may not answerable to some underlying messages or idioms and unable to give detailed information of some places. So if you have any point that really needed to be clear and understood by us, please submit your message directly to our mailbox and indeed we will transmit it to our driver for their full awareness prior to the trip. When you need more precise and accurate information both in terms of places history or cultures, the tour guide is strongly recommended.
Can you offer us some discount?
Ans. Discount & service upgrade available for :
1. Returning clients
2. Registered Partner
Your prices are all included? Any other hidden charge?
Ans. Our service already include vehicle, driver, gasoline and all express way. We will NEVER charge you a service charge or other hidden charge. However, some ferry tickets (sample : Koh Chang, Koh Samui, Koh Lanta) are not included.
How do I make payment?
Ans. We have several payment methods. We try to make everything as easy as possible. Click Here for more info.
Ans. Gratuities to our staff although customary, are not required. Any such expression of appreciation should be made on a voluntary and individual basis.
What if I need to change or cancel my booking?
Ans. If you want to cancel your travel arrangements, please send us a cancellation instruction by email or submitting our cancellation form. We will cancel your booking from the date we receive and acknowledge your written instruction to do so. Read our cancellation policy.
More Questions?
Ans. If you have any technical or travel related problems or questions, please contact us by sending a request through the query form, live chat or email. We will be on standby and ready to serve you.

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